This is the FOMFOK Hiking group located in the San Francisco Bay Area
We hike every weekend, with a mixture of easy, medium, and hard hikes.
We do waterfall hikes early in the year, wildflower hikes in the spring,
and work up the the challenge hike and party in the fall.
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FOMFOK -- Friends of Mike, Friends of Kathy

This is the official web site of the FOMFOK hiking group. We are a loose group of a few dozen people whose only connection is that they usually find out about the group by being a friend of Michael or Kathy Wimble. You can find out more about Kathy and Michael from our home page at Hiking notices are sent out weekly. You can receive them by subscribing to the e-mail list at Be prepared to supply your first and last name, contact telephone numbers, and the city you live in. We verify members information to prevent list spamming.

Information for people who would like to join the group.

This group hikes in the greater San Francisco, California bay area. We try accommodate all levels of hikers. We go out of our way to adjust the hikes for those that show up. We tend to mix the hikes so that there are easy, moderate and hard hikes. Even if you don't hike much, but can walk two or three miles, you should be able to find a hike every couple of weeks that is suitable to your experience. This group does not do racing, eco challenges, or other gut busting hikes. Well, not on purpose. We are a fun, social group, that enjoys each others company. And, we get plenty of exercise from the frequent, varied hikes. For those that want to bust a gut, every few weeks we usuall will do a somewhat hard hike as part of our stragety to mix up the hikes.

We have the usual range of activities: parties, urban hikes, wilderness hikes, challenge hikes, casual hikes, etc. We will try to mix them up so that about every other hike is relatively easy, and the remaining hikes are relatively hard. The hikes are every weekend (almost), and more often on Saturday than Sunday.

Early in the year, we concentrate on the "waterfall series" of hikes. After that, we work on the "wildflower series" of hikes. Finally, we work up our stamina for the "challenge hike". Often, members of the group educate us about the flora and fauna on each hike. We also encourage whining and singing. Here is one place where you can get it out of your system each week. Check the logs below to see what we're really like.

We had a great hoot of a time last year. We've even got some pictures to document some of it.

To get notified of hikes, goto and subscribe to the mailing list. Announcements usually go out about midweek for the upcoming weekend. Sometimes the announcements come late, so be sure to keep checking your e-mail.

Most hikes leave Sunnyvale at 9 am. Most hikes are two to three hours long. Sometimes we gather at a restaurant afterwards.

For a list of various hiking locations we have been to, and pointers to information about those locations, click here.

Here are reports of some (but not all) of our recent hikes.