April 4, 2009 Sunol Regional Wilderness

The announcement

This week, we’re going to mix it up and do a relatively rare Saturday hike. And we’ll do an easier hike, relative to last week. We’re going back to Sunol to view the blue dicks (giggle, I love to say that—blue dicks—giggle) and other wild flowers. Ok, it’s really an excuse to look for more bones for the deercowpigasaurus we’re reconstructing here. We left quite a pile of bones the last time we were there.

We’ll probably not actually get near that bone cache since we’re more interested in a fun hike with an emphasis on flowers. This will be a moderate hike with an option of making it a harder hike, depending on who shows up. Or, as we’ve done before, half way through we can split into a group that wants to do a harder extension to the hike (the fools) and those of us with a more rational enjoyment of life who would prefer to stop a bit more often and look at the bugs inside the blossoms.

We leave here at 9, begin the hike about 9:40, and will hike about 3 to 4 hours with lunch along the trail, probably at Cave Rocks. The trail is likely to be a bit less than half covered and the rest exposed. Poison oak is relatively rare, cow dung being the biggest danger.

The hike
For the first time ever, we split into 3 groups last week. Let’s not do that again. Especially when we have new hikers in the group, such as Holly “The Hero” who managed to do a hard hike as her first hike when we promised a moderate hike.
I’m certainly glad I wasn’t part of Group C, which was shadowed by vultures and attacked by rabid wolves (so I heard). Group B, I was told, was lost in the wilderness and finally decided that if they just went downhill, they’d get back to civilization. Group A (my group), however, had nothing but sunshine and lollipops. We took our time and got a chance to roll in the flowers, play with puppies, eat miner’s lettuce, snuggle with salamanders, talk to the cows and even take a bath along the way. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a nicer hike. And the company was damn fine, too.
My pictures are here http://picasaweb.google.com/mwimble/20090404SunolRegionalWilderness?feat=directlink

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