January 15, 2006 Uvas Canyon

January 15, 2006 Uvas Canyon
The announcement

Since Saturday promises to be another one of those days with more water above your nose than below, we’re going to hike on Sunday. And since it’s the waterfall season for the group, we’ll begin with Uvas Canyon, near Morgan Hill. This hike is along a stream which has cascade after cascade, and three rather nice falls on short trails off the stream. This is a moderate hike. As always, we pace the hike to those that show up.

The trail is a bit over 4 miles and is covered except for a mile near the end. Along the stream, it can get freakin cold, so bring layers. It also might be drippy along the way, or Saturday’s showers might not have completely ended, so be prepared for moisture. No sneakers allowed—wear hiking shoes. The trails are usually well groomed, so poison oak is not a big problem. Definitely bring your camera and get lots of good photos of the better water falls, with various of us in various obligatory poses. There are even plenty of dead trees for Tom to photograph.

The hike

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