April 1, 2007, Saint Stupids Day Parade

The announcement

This next Sunday, we’re doing a totally different kind of hike—joining in the Saint Stupid’s Day Festivities, put on the by the First Church of the Last Laugh. It’s a pretty easy hike. We’ll be starting at the base of the pointy building in San Francisco and hiking up Columbus Avenue. We’ll be leaving our house at 8:50 and catching the 9:14 train to the City. You’re welcome to join us on the train, or just meet us at the base of the pointy building sometime before noon when the parade starts. After we reach the destination park, and sit for some of the stupid ceremonies, we’ll head out for food, of which there is plenty in the area.

The hike

I think our participation in the Saint Stupid’s Day Parade was just about entirely appropriate. Or, in other words, we were appropriately stupid. It was a short parade, but there were a lot of mini events happening inside. Everywhere you turned, there was something happening. One of the parade heads was walking around telling everyone to go back to work. There was the rant on a particular religion. There were the chants and counter chants. There was the heaping helping of counter advice. There were plenty of interesting costumes.

We didn’t stay for the non-parade festivities, instead choosing to make our own adventure at a local Italian restaurant. Then we were off to conquer Coit Tower. We ran shifts, helping Annie get the baby carriage up one side of the hill and down the steep stairs on the other. Many thanks to the gentle giant, Mark, for his special help on the down side of the hill.

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