October 30, 2005 Napa

October 30, 2005 Napa
The announcement

This next week we’re going to do our pilgrimage to the wine country. We’ll leave here at 8:30 and head to Atlas Mountain. Some of us will be let off at the base to do a lower-end moderate hike to the top, while others will drive up to the Bubbling Wells Pet Cemetery, which is where we’ll meet up. It’s a beautiful place to stroll.

From there, we’ll head out to Silverado road and do more hiking: from the car, to the winery, and back to the car. We’ll do this repeatedly until it gets towards a late lunch time, whereupon we’ll head to one of the great restaurants in Calistoga. After that, we’ll stroll the streets a bit and then continue with the hiking as we work our way down the other side of the Napa Valley. We may take a winery tour along the way.

An easier hike you’ll almost never have. The danger will be mostly in too much wine tasting.

This is a long day’s event. We probably won’t get back until 5pm or a bit later. If you’d like you can call us on our cells and meet us along the way, or just meet up in Calistoga for the lunch.

The hike

On Sunday, we hearty few hiked Atlas Mountain in Napa, and then hiked from car to winery and back as we wended our way to Calistoga where we forced ourselves to enjoy a five-start meal at the All Seasons restaurant in order to steel ourselves for the arduous task of champagne tasting at the Mumms Winery. The hike was perfect, the views great, the food out of this world, and the company couldn’t be better any where in this world.

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