May 21, 2006 Bay To Breakers Race

May 21, 2006 Bay To Breakers Race
The announcement
This week we’ll try a wildflower hike a different way—via the Bay to Breakers race. Well, make it a fast walk in our case. Several of us are going up on Saturday and staying the night, and will plod along with the naked and the nutsy as we walk from the Bay to somewhere near the breakers, and maybe take in some wildflowers in the Golden Gate Park while we’re at it.

The hike
Our first Bay to Breakers was last week. And I have to say it was a fun 8 mile hike. Unfortunately, it was 10 miles long before we got done. Those last couple of miles, carrying a 5 pound camera, were of a rapidly declining joy. Come on the next hike and hear all about the fish swimming upstream, the costumes, the nudie hikers and what Joanne did with them, the free swag, the tortilla toss, the Bay to Speakers walk, the many Elvis sightings, how we managed to stay overnight for almost no cost, the pre-race hike, what it was like to be crammed in the middle of 80,000 people, how the rain stopped exactly just before the race began and started up again exactly as we put our luggage in the car to come back. All this an more, if you come this weekend.

Here is a small number of the pictures we took:

Img 3021
Img 3033
Img 3048
Img 3059
Img 3061
Img 3070
Img 3078
Img 3079
Img 3081
Img 3088
Img 3091
Img 3099
Img 3101
Img 3108
Img 3112
Img 3113
Img 3115
Img 3117
Img 3119
Img 3120
Img 3121
Img 3123
Img 3124
Img 3125
Img 3126
Img 3127
Img 3130
Img 3131
Img 3136
Img 3137
Img 3138
Img 3145
Img 3146
Img 3147
Img 3150
Img 3151

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