September 8, 2007 Night Hike at Peters Creek Loop

The announcement
This is it—the big night hike of the year.

We’ll leave here at 4:45 and rendezvous at 5:30 across from the Grizzly Flat trailhead on Skyline. The rendezvous is located about 3.6 miles north of the Highway 9/Skyline Boulevard intersection. Grizzly Flat is on the bay side of the ridge, and our hike starts across the road on the ocean side of the ridge. If you park on the ocean side, make sure you park with your headlights facing Highway 9 (not with your taillights facing Highway 9).

The hike will take something over 3 hours. It’s just under 5 miles with about a 740 foot climb, making it a moderate hike, which we’ll be doing mostly slowly. The weather is likely to be warm at 5:30 when we start. Make sure you’re ready to start at 5:30.

We’ll hike a clockwise loop, passing the Jiogi Zen Buddhist retreat and up to the ridgeline where we’ll stop to eat supper and watch the sun go down. Along the way, the docents will give us all sorts of interesting facts and tell us stories of the area. After it gets dark, we’ll continue clockwise on the trail and head back down to he creek. It’s likely to be very cold at this point. The weather can go from the 90s to the 40s easily, and sometimes there is a fog that is so thick you can only see about 10 feet ahead, so plan for anything from hot to nearly freezing, clear skies to pea soup fog.

Bring your meal, water, layered clothing and a flashlight. Ideally, you’d have a red filter you can put over your flashlight so you don’t cause night blindness for everyone. Red cellophane and a rubber band will work. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have a filter, most won’t.

Plan on getting back to the cars around 9:30, more or less.

The hike

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