April 1, 2006 Joseph D Grant Ranch

April 1, 2006 Joseph D Grant Ranch
The announcement
It’s time to go take a peek at Grant Ranch and see how the posies are pushing up. When Grant is at its peak, it’s got to be the greatest wildflower show in the area. We don’t expect that peak to occur until mid April, but to be sure, we’ll go see.

This will be an upper-end easy to moderate hike. We’ll start at the Twin Gates entrance, do a short, steep climb to the ridge line, then undulate along the backbone. We may do the thing where most people get to climb down the hill while a couple of us ferry cars from the top to the bottom. This is totally exposed, with wide roads that we’ll hike on. Wear sun block. Dress for possible showers. Expect lots of cold wind. We may bring a kite or two along.

The hike
As usual, our easier hikes are the ones that usually have the least interest. We did the easiest option at Grant Ranch, and only Joanne joined us. So we did the easy hike at a faster pace, making it at least a moderate hike. But, alas, we’re a few weeks away from the spectacular flowers yet. There were a few sentries poking up, checking out the pig population and the squirrel hunger before they signal the “all clear” to their mates. So, we’ll be back again in a few weeks.

Of interest, though, it looked like the Society for Creative Anachronism was holding a meeting at the main park grounds. I didn’t get any good pictures, however.
Here is Joanne, helping Mike rest on one of the few benches along the ridge line.
Img 2781

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