July 27, 2008 Longridge

Wimble Scale: Easy, Length: 4.8 miles, Climb: 730 feet, Time: 2.5 hours

The announcement
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The hike
There were 5 of us for last week’s hike at Long Ridge. Long Ridge is a hike I’m liking a little more every time we do it. The half of the loop on the bay side of the ridge doesn’t have a lot of spectacular views, but it does have a lot of traffic, mostly in the form of bicycles. The ocean side, however, has plenty of spots with pretty nice views. It was surprising to find that the climb was over 700 feet, but when you do that over a 5 mile trek, it’s not much of a climb at all. The trails were all well maintained with very little encroaching poison oak and almost totally covered.

Ron, our official cartographer, has posted another set of pictures with GPS maps and data at

 Mg 6834
 Mg 6839
 Mg 6845

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