March 2, 2008 Fall Creek

Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 8 miles, Climb: 1600 feet, Time: 3.5 hours

The announcement
We bagged on the hike last week, but there will be no excuses this Sunday. We’re doing 3 things (maybe) on Sunday:

A. We’re hiking Fall Creek.
2. We’re doing an early celebration of Peggy’s birthday.
last: We may be having a “special event”.

Kathy and I just did a short hike around the archery range today and it was a wake up call to me that we might not be ready for the hard hike option at Fall Creek. We’ll keep it open for those who really want to do a 10 mile plus hike up and down a tall mountain. I suspect that I’ll be happy with the upper-end easy/moderate option of going out to the barrel mill and back.

Look on the web site at to see past hikes there. This is one of our favorite places to go. Definitely photo-worthy. It’s got it all: waterfalls (small), danger (slippery trails), forest smells, hidden goldfish (thanks to Donna for showing us that), ancient ruins, redwoods (upright and falling all around you), and, best of all, your friends in FOMFOK.

Plan on leaving here at 9 and beginning the hike around 10 to 10:15. There is not much parking at the entrance, so carpool if you can. The hike will probably run about 3 hours, assuming we linger at the barrel mill for a snack. The longer hike is 4 and a half hours or longer, and you’ll be rightfully tired at the end of that hike.

Plan on muddy and slippery trails and the possibility of needing to run through puddles and rivulets.

The hike
Don’t blame me. It was our Official Cartographer, Ron, who suggested we take the alternate trail. “It’s only a mile or so longer and a bit more climb”, he said. Or at least that’s why my mind has decided I heard. It was a surreal experience in that after leaving the Barrel Mill area, and doing the short, steep climb, then a long, much less steep climb, we ended up descending at least twice the height we climbed. Really. I swear.

After the leg burner, with lots of whining along the way, we went to Donna’s for an apres-hike affair, which included entertainment in the form of bear wrestling. Donna made us some delicious turkey chili and we had sandwiches also. As for the bear wrestling, the score, the last I heard, was bear 4, humans 0. I’d hate to be the person that wanted to sneak into Donna’s place when she’s not there. The pet bear would eat them and not even spit out the bones.

Ron’s information can be found HERE.

 Mg 5810
 Mg 5825
 Mg 5834
 Mg 5844

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