December 9, 2006 San Francisco Christmas Lights

December 9, 2006 San Francisco Christmas Lights
The announcement
Yes, it’s time for the annual hike in the City to see the Christmas lights at various hotels. Rain does NOT cancel this hike. Make sure you bring your bumbershoot, rain coat, and appropriate layers for the range of temperatures we’re likely to encounter.

We leave here at 9. We’ll drive to Colma and take Bart down to the basement of Nordstroms, arriving around 10:20-ish, assuming the trains are running. We’ll go upstairs to use the posh potties and see if there is any free food and champagne, like they handed out a couple of years ago. Then we’ll begin the hike.

We’ll head to Union Square and wend our way up to the top of Nob Hill. Along the way, we’ll stop in several hotels, and maybe a few stores. We’ll find some place for our second-favorite hiking activity: eating.

This is an upper-end easy hike as there is a good amount of climbing involved, but we’ll be taking it slow with lots of stops. We’ll probably finish between 2 and 3 pm. If the weather isn’t too bad once we get back, we may invite you in for cookies and hot chocolate and maybe card games until the sun goes down. Then we’ll have another hike around the blocks next to our house the see the lights again, now that they’ve turned more lights on.

If you want to meet us at Nordstrom’s basement, where Bart comes in, let us know. Make sure we have your cell number and you have ours. Or we can call you on the Family Friendly radios, if you let us know beforehand.

The hike
Some of the sights along the way…

 Mg 0928

 Mg 0936

 Mg 0941

 Mg 0946

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