February 18, 2007 Hidden Villa

The announcement

I have an archery tournament Saturday, so the hike is Sunday, leaving here at 9. It’s Hidden Villa, probably the moderate to upper-end moderate climb up the West Fork then across the top of the hill and down the Bunny Creek.

The hike

We’ve always said that if you come on enough hikes with us, you’re bound to have an adventure. And coming across the fairly freshly killed and stripped carcass of the deer last week qualifies as an adventure. We’ve been tempted to go back and get some more additions for our skeleton collection at home, but we haven’t quite decided if we will. The freshness of the kill certainly kept me on my toes for the rest of the hike. I was constantly scanning for any evidence of a mountain lion. Several of us got to hone our tracking skills quite a bit, working on noticing fine details of leaves and dirt on the ground. Kathy and Peggy did some forensic analysis on the skeleton, noting how the nose of the skull was cracked—consistent with a mountain lion kill, we believe.

 Mg 1390

 Mg 1396

 Mg 1398

 Mg 1403

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