December 17, 2005 San Francisco holiday displays

December 17, 2005 San Francisco holiday displays
The announcement

This is our annual Christmas in the City hike. We’ll try to meet at Market and Powell at about 10:15 to 10:30. We’ll, actually we’ll first go to the Norstrom’s store to view the posh porcelain exhibits (i.e., the restrooms) and see if they’re handing out free food and drink again. Then we’ll head up by Union Square, up to Nob Hill, and it’s anyone’s guess where we’ll go from there.

We’ll poke our heads into a few hotels and stores to see the holiday displays. If you know of anything interesting we should see along the way, let us know. We’re also open to people running into stores along the way. Along that line, if you have a cell phone and/or a family friendly radio, you should bring it. That way you’re free to take whatever time you want looking or shopping while the rest of the group mosies on.

We’ll have at least one lunch somewhere along the way. Plan “B” is a little Italian restaurant that Mary introduced us to (if we can find it again), up near the top of Nob Hill. Plan “C” is an Italian restaurant near Columbus Square. Of course, Plan A would be something else we all agree to, but if we can’t agree, then I plan on eating on one of those two places.

Plan on at least 3 or 4 hours of walking/shopping/eating. You can leave early at any time, if you need to get back. And we might linger longer, so plan your transportation accordingly.

Kathy and I will leave here about 9 and drive to Colma where we’ll take Bart to the Powell street terminal. We’ll head upstairs to Nordstroms and then look for everyone. Let us know if you want to meet us at the Bart terminal between 10:15 and 10:30 (barring delays), or at Market and Powell about 10:45-ish. Let us know how to reach you if we don’t find you at the corner.

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