December 8, 2007 Holiday Lights Hike in San Francisco

The announcement
This Saturday is our annual ‘City Lights’ hike. We leave here at 9 and travel to Colma where we’ll take Bart to the Powell Street stop, hopefully arriving about 10:30-ish. From there, we take advantage of the facilities at Nordstroms and begin our hike. We’ll start at Union Square and make our usual stops up to Nob Hill, then we have one or two other usual stops on the way down.

Feel free to suggest great places for us to explore. I’d also be really interested if the Sir Francis Drake is going to have carolers again this year, but I’m swamped with work and errands right now and don’t know if I’ll be able to get to call them and ask.

After lunch, we’ll probably poke our noses in a few stores, including Britex and the Apple store, but we might do a bit more hiking as well. Plan on being out until at least 2PM, maybe 3 or a bit later.

The hike

Ron made available soem GPS tracks of the hike at

 Mg 5505

 Mg 5510

 Mg 5521

 Mg 5523

 Mg 5528

 Mg 5545

 Mg 5549

 Mg 5557

 Mg 5580

 Mg 5601

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