January 18, 2009 Peters Creek Loop

The announcement

This week we’re eating lunch on the trail while we do at least the Peters Creek loop, with the possibility of offering two other extra bits to make it more interesting. We leave here at 9 and start the hike around 9:45. Plan on about 2.5 or 3 hours doing the Peters Creek loop, and another 1 to 2 hours if we add on the optional extensions. The hike is about half covered, half in the shade. There are only a couple short steep climbs, and a couple of longer, gradual climbs. On average, about half the hike is a climb, and half is a descent (just for the record).

I’ve got the TV going in the background, so I don’t have any pithy things to say about the hike. It’s a well-loved trail, though, one that we do at least twice every year. This counts as one.

The hike

Peter’s creek is great this time of year. Things are just starting to green up. The hogs haven’t come back yet to destroy the landscape. The deer are busy making “fox and hounds” mazes all through the grass. The bicyclists are still pleasant. And new hikers still get away with not bringing any water on the hike.

My pictures are here

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