February 8, 2009 Long Ridge

The announcement

Kathy’s resting before the archery board meeting in a few minutes, so I’m just going to suggest a hike for her. If she wants to change it, she’ll get back to the list here.

Let’s say you leave here at 9 on Sunday and go to Long Ridge. The hike will start at the Hickory Oaks entrance on Skyline, just south of where we parked for the Peters Creek hike recently. She’ll probably do the hike in a clockwise direction, heading first on the east side of Skyline, down to Highway 9, and then back along the west side.

There will be a snack on the trail, and likely a meal afterwards for those who drive in her car. Be prepared for whatever weather. The hike doesn’t have a lot of climb, but it is 6 or 7 miles long, as I recall. It’s mostly well-groomed single track, with a lot of bike traffic on the east side.

Come along and hear all about the Snuggles who were just a hoot to be with, the perfect hostess and host, and killer miniature golf players when Kathy and I visited them last week. In fact, I’m working on getting Gary to adopt me, though I’m not sure I want to call Molly “mom”.

You’ll also hear about my current travel plans, as much as can be known at that point.

I hope to be back in my boots for next week. I’ll have been away from big hikes for 3 weeks at that point, so I expect you to punish me appropriately.

The hike

I sure wish I had been able to go last week. The photos really hit home on what I missed.

It has been pointed out to me that I should have made it clear that last week’s hike was a high-end easy, low-end moderate hike. I hope that I always indicate if hikes are difficult, and nearly always if they are moderate. If you’re unsure about how hard a hike is, and I didn’t mention it, just ask.

Keep in mind that we never have left anyone behind yet, though. And we’ve had some champs at testing that theory.

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