August 4, 2007 Memorial Park, Cupertino

The announcement
This week, we decided we’d motivate the hike with the goal of attending the Shakespeare In the Park rendering of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Cupertino’s Memorial Park at 7:30. So the plan is to leave here at 4:00 and start the hike at Rancho at 4:30. Since we don’t want to be all sweaty and smelly for the play, we’ll be doing an easier hike and perhaps a slower hike, ending around 6:15. From there we’ll go find a parking place near Memorial park.

For those that want to do the pot luck affair, you’ll head directly to the park and stake out an area for us. The rest can mosey over to the various food places nearby and pick up sandwiches or drinks, perhaps even to contribute to the pot luck. Pot luck is the intent, but just feeding yourself is fine. Peggy might want to provide further guidelines, but I’d suggest you bring something to sit on—at least a blanket. If you bring a chair, don’t bring a normal, tall lawn chair. Don’t block the people behind you. Something along the line of a low camp chair, or one of those things that supports your back would be fine. Those of you who are married to me (and you know who you are), can always just lean up against my legs. Dress for a warm hike and a cold evening. Bring sunblock.

The hike
Last week’s hike was a new record for easiest hike ever. The hike was about a tenth of a mile on flat ground, since all we did was walk from the car to the amphitheater to watch “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I have to say that the production was one of the best I’ve ever seen, which is pretty amazing considering the free performance, the limited stage area and only about half as many actors as is usually used for the production. But it was wildly creative and the acting was just perfect for Shakespeare’s 16th century slapstick comedy.

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