October 22, 2005 Annual FOMFOK Party

October 22, 2005 Annual FOMFOK Party
The announcement
You and your family/significant other are invited to the annual FOMFOK party. If you don’t know what FOMFOK is, see http:// webself.org/~fomfok.

The party takes place at the Madrone picnic area on Stevens Canyon Road in Cupertino, near the Stevens Canyon reservoir. This is different from years past.

This is a potlock affair. Please bring your special dish to share with others. We’ll have a pit grill going if you need to cook or heat something. Kathy and I will be bringing various beastie/veggie burgers along with the charcoal and lighter, and a few salty snacks. Others usually bring salads, desserts, other items for the grill, chips, dips, baked beans and so on.

There is no volley ball area this area. We will bring a few board games and card decks. Feel free to bring games of your own.

We encourage you to entertain us. If you’d like to bring non-electrified instruments, or to sing, that would be great. In past years, I’ve brought my guitar and/or banjo, Kathy has sung, Sherman played the Erhu, Nancy played guitar and sang, and so on. Stupid dad games, poetry slams, etc. are all good ideas.

We have an activity at 9 AM that we’ll be doing before the party which starts at noon. At 9 am, we’ll offer a hike which will either be easy, or even the “death march”, depending on who shows up. Around noon, we fire up the grill. Serious eating will begin around 1:00 or 1:30.

The hike
Another year, another fun party. Everyone that went on the hike came back and no long term injuries were had. We encountered lots of wildlife, up close and personal. No police were called and no arrests were made. No money was lost playing games. No out-of-control fires were started. All in all, pretty much the definition of a good party. We want to particularly thank Nahid’s parents for showing up and for also providing Persian food for us to sample. Personally, I got stuffed on all the great dishes everyone brought. I especially ate too many of Gwyn’s caramel/chocolate chip cookies.

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