June 29, 2008 Purisima Creek

Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 8.12 miles, Climb: 1403 feet, Time: 5 hours

The announcement
This Sunday we’re hiking Purisima Creek. It’s time to check out the big patch of black raspberries and the thimble berries. This has become one of our favorite places to hike. It’s a moderate hike, a bit over half is covered. It begins with a somewhat steep climb, but we take our time going up. The downward portion is in beautiful redwoods, and a big part of it is following the creek. Plan on about 2.5 to 3 hours of hiking.

We leave here at 9 and start the hike about 9:45 or a bit later. The parking is very limited, so we’ll try to meet up near where 92 meets Highway 1, at the shopping center there, and form up a smaller car pool. We’ll eat lunch on the trail.

The hike
It was a thin crew that went to Purisima last week. We began the hike with more than usual whining about how hard it was to climb the hill to start. But once we got to the top and began the descent through the butterflies, the redwoods, and back along the creek, it was all worth while. Purisima is still one of my favorite places to go.

We came as the black raspberries were just becoming ripe. In another month, I expect the thimble berries to be ripe, so we’ll have to go back then, along with going to Portola Redwoods again to load up on huckleberries.

It was a popular hiking spot by time we finished. There was a long line of cars parked along a much too narrow road outside the park. On our way back out to Highway One, we saw a pickup truck that had somehow managed to flip itself, crushing the cabin. The road was blocked with police and rescue vehicles, so we had to take the only other route out of the park, a long, windy road along a cliff face.

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