December 6, 2009 Sunnyvale

The announcement

We’re doing a dead easy hike. About 4 to 5 miles total, with a mere few feet of total climb, not including any elevation climbing up on Santa’s lap.

Show up at our house around 6 or 6:30. We may play a bit of cards if you show up at the earlier end of that range (let us know if you’re coming at the early end for cards). And we’ll probably have some mulled cider and tea available. Around 6:45, we’ll head up towards the downtown Caltrain station for the Holiday train. There is a toy collection that begins at 7:35. If you have something to share, bring it along. You can even hand it to one of the handsome, uniformed Marines at the station. At 8:05, Santa arrives on the train. We’ll hoop. We’ll holler. The guys will cavort with Santa’s feminine helpers. The girls will probably still be cuddling the Marines.

From there, we’ll wend our way back along various streets looking for Christmas lights, ending up with the humongous display a block behind our house. Then it’s back for more warm drink.

Singing will be encouraged. We may even stop at Monica’s along the way and cheer her up. Maybe even Kristen’s house. Of course, we hope Kirsten will be with us, but we can sing at her empty house. We find that we get less things thrown at us from doorways when we sing at empty houses, anyway.

Oh, and back at our house, we’ll have a potluck dessert thing going. If you have something interesting to share along with the hot drinks, bring it along. If not, that’s fine, too. We usually have more food than eaters, anyway.

The hike

What a weekend. Tree decorating, dessert overeating, puzzle unpuzzling, dodging bullets.

Well, we didn’t do any bullet dodging ourselves, but apparently Donna’s neighbors did. You’ll have to ask her about that when you see her next. But ask politely. Very, very politely.

Our first holiday light outing was cold and damp. It began with the weirdest game of Hearts I’ve every played. Grey was winning, which should give you a clue as to just how weird the game was. When it looked inevitable that he was going to win, we quit the game and made our walk up to the holiday choo choo. The girls hung around the Marines, the guys hung around Santa’s female “helpers”. We walked to Monica’s and blew her mind with our abbreviated rendition of Handel’s “Messiah”, in 8-part harmony. We watched the big Severex light show, for all of 13 seconds before we sledded back to the house exactly in time for the arrival of pizza. We ate dessert. Then had some dessert after the dessert. Then we exchanged traditional holiday gifts of cases of water.

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