August 10, 2008 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

Wimble Scale: Difficult, Length: 6.3 miles, Climb: 1299 feet, Time: 3.5 hours

The announcement
This Sunday, we’re going to Monte Bello, near Skyline and Page Mill. This is a moderate hike, with an option to hike a bit further with a lot more climb, if that’s what we want. It’s 2/3 or more exposed, assuming we start along the nature trail. Plan on 3 hours of hiking, more if we do a harder option. We’ll have lunch on the trail, possibly up at the dragons bones at the top of the mountain.

The hike
Fifteen people, can you believe it? We almost rented a tour bus to bring us to the trailhead. Let’s see, we got to see newts, spiders, geocaches, backpackers, dragon bones, a petrified dragon, blackberries (yum), and, of course, we got up close and personal with a really pissed off rattlesnake.

Thanks to the bloggers and picture takers for their efforts, and to Ron, the official FOMFOK Cartographer. I should try to put together a summary of miles hike on all the FOMFOK hikes this year so you can see how many of you are matching Donna’s goal for 750 miles hiked.

Ron’s pictures can be found at

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 Mg 6895
 Mg 6900
 Mg 6925

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