January 21, 2007 Calero

January 21, 2007 Calero
The announcement

This week we’ll go to
Calero, at the south end of San Jose. There is a pretty pond, a big old reservoir, turkeys, lots of red wing blackbirds, and the ever present hill to climb. Plan on 2.5 to 3 hours of hiking, nearly all exposed. This is a low end moderate hike at least, but we can always toughen it up for you.

The hike
We had another big gathering of the clan. And as a special treat, while we were at the pond by the trailhead, wondering where all the redwing blackbirds had gone, a herd of wild boar rushed from the reeds up the hill in front of us. Shortly after that, on a nearby hill, we saw a rather large flock of wild turkeys. And lots of horses were on the trail. But it was mightily breezy and darn cold in the exposed areas. The City Diner was a perfect capping of the hike.

 Mg 1159

 Mg 1164

 Mg 1177

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