October 21, 2006 FOMFOK Party

October 21, 2006 FOMFOK Party
The announcement
You and your family/significant other are invited to the annual FOMFOK party. FOMFOK is “Friends of Mike/Friends of Kathy”. It’s also the name of our hiking group at http:// fomfok.webself.org

The party takes place at the Madrone picnic area on Stevens Canyon Road in Cupertino, near the Stevens Canyon reservoir.

This is a potlock affair. Please bring your special dish to share with others and drinks for yourself (and maybe drinks to share). We’ll have a pit grill going if you need to cook or heat something. Kathy and I will be bringing various beastie/veggie burgers along with the charcoal and lighter, and a few salty snacks. Others usually bring salads, desserts, other items for the grill, chips, dips, baked beans and so on.

There is no volley ball area this area. We will bring a few board games and card decks. Feel free to bring games of your own, or horseshoes if you have them (there is a pit at the picnic area).

We will be entertained by the bluegrass band, “Bean Creek” from around 2:00 pm to around 3:30, plus or minus a half hour on either end.

We have an activity at 10 AM that we’ll be doing before the party which starts at noon. At 10 am, we’ll offer a hike which will either be easy or moderate, depending on who shows up. Around noon, we fire up the grill. Serious eating will begin around 12:30 or 1:00.

We have people from either of our workplaces, from the archery club, from the hiking group, or various other friends of our show up.

The camp site has parking for only 8 cars, so car pooling is highly encouraged. There is other parking nearby, but it may involve a walk of up to a half mile (though we can shuttle you). The picnic area is not covered There are flush toilets with running water. If we hike through the woods, poison oak is a potential problem. We’ll bring various things to treat poison oak, but you should look out for it on a hike, and watch that your kids don’t run amok without knowing what poison oak looks like.

Please consider bringing a folding chair or two, and maybe even a card table. The chairs are mostly for the entertainment. Since the band will not have electronic amplification, we’ll need people near the band to be somewhat quiet, except for singing along. The card tables will only be needed if we have more people show up with food than we have table space for.

You might want to even bring a pumpkin. If we get a few, we’ll have a pumpkin carving exhibition.

If you’d like to come, RSVP ASAP. As the time gets close, you might want to let us know what you plan to bring for food, but that’s not a requirement. Oh, we’ll have a few kinds of soda available, but we’d appreciate others bringing soda and water to share. I believe alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park, though I recall that we’ve had beer there in the past.

We hope you’ll come for some or all of the party. It’s always been a hoot and we hope this year will be no exception.

I’ve included a map to the archery range, which is near the picnic area. To get to the picnic area, you want to take the Foothill Expressway exit off Interstate 280 — this is just north of the 280/85 interchange. On Foothill, head south (towards the hills, away from the bay). At the second traffic light, at the intersection with Stevens Creek Boulevard, Foothill Expressway becomes Stevens Canyon Road. Continue on (south). Travel on a bit less than 2 more miles, going around the Stevens Canyon Reservoir. The Madrone park will be on your left a bit after you cross a small concrete bridge (which is easy to not notice) just as the road gets windy. If you get to the stop sign at Mount Eden road, you’ve gone too far — turn around and go back a tenth or two miles. We should have some sign out.

Remember, parking is limited. If we fill up, drive into the parking lot and drop off your passengers and food, and we’ll follow you down do some other parking area and ferry you back.

And, again, please RSVP as soon as possible if you plan to come so we can plan on how many burgers to bring.

The hike
I have to admit it, it was the best FOMFOK party yet, and not just because it was the first in a long time that I didn’t break out my guitar or banjo, but had professionals do it this time. People brought some incredible food. I need to remember to get to Cupertino’s farmer’s market so I can get of those unusual apples. I think we may have even got a few new fans of Bean Creek, the Bluegrass band that entertained us for over a couple of hours.
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