November 4, 2007 Hidden Villa

The announcement
You may recall our encounter with a freshly killed deer on the trail earlier this year. It’s time we went back to see if there are any bones lying about so Kathy and add to her deer-pig-cow-osaurus (poweersaurus?) skeleton she’s reconstructing in our atrium.

And, to make things even more exciting, there’s a possibility of an appearance of the leader of our Peruvian chapter of FOMFOK, and perhaps even the elusive, migrating Gwynneth hiker. Strange times, to be sure.

We leave here at 9 and begin the hike around 9:30. Plan on about 2.5 to 3 hours of hiking up the West Fork to the park boundaries, across the mountain, and down the Bunny Creek. The trail up involves stream crossings, and the walk across the mountain involves narrow, soft trails across a steep slope, so wear good shoes. Maybe you should have your will written out, just to be safe.

The hike
So much happened this last week. We were very successful in finding more bones of the extremely rare deerpigcowosaurus. We recovered most of the backbone, some ribs, a head, and some other unidentifiable bits.

Right now, the bones are in our atrium providing an aromatic attractant to a flock of buzzards. Perhaps once we get all the parts we need, we’ll bury the whole thing up in Washington somewhere, just to screw with the head of some paleontologist sometime down the line.

We also celebrated Zona’s birthday by listening to the best bluegrass concert I’ve heard in many a year. I’d provide more detail, but typing on my iPhone screen is making me crosseyed.

 Mg 5164

 Mg 5166

 Mg 5187

 Mg 5205

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