November 16, 2008 Calero

The announcement

Kathy and I have been debating for days now where we’ll go hiking this weekend. Should it be Napa? Purisima? Fall Creek? Portola Redwoods? Grant Ranch? There are lots of reasons to consider each one. And reasons why each one isn’t the right one for this weekend.

So we’re going to Calero. Why? Well, it should provide us with a length that meets Donna’s requirements (and you don’t want to ignore The Enforcer). And it’s a moderate climb, so everyone in the group should be able to do it. And there are turkeys. Lots of them. Bring your pots of boiling water so we can pluck your bird after you capture it. And we’ve had more bobcat sightings there than anywhere else. And it has some good fall coloration.

The hike

It was a strange hike at Calero. Normally, we see several flocks of turkey. We saw none. And flights of red wing blackbirds. We saw none. And a bobcat. Nada. Horses, sure. But not much else in the way of wildlife. Of course, Donna (the Enforcer) was there power hiking her way to the lees of her hiking odyssey, which was probably enough to send all but the largest mammals scurrying for cover.


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