October 18, 2008 Annual FOMFOK Party

Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 3.4 miles, Climb: 1050 feet, Time: 2.5 hours

The announcement
The party begins on Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 9:30 AM with an optional fun hike, followed by a pot-luck picnic around noon. There will also be games aplenty, an maybe a few surprises. The party lasts until at least 5:00 PM.

The hike
Woo hoo! Partied, dude! Our thanks to all of you who came out and played “Fatten the hike leader” and “Taboo”. Another successful year of hiking was celebrated. Time to take down the party lights, pack up the pumpkins, and look for post-season FOMFOK sales in all the stores.

 Mg 7438
 Mg 7442
 Mg 7443

Picture 14

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