October 8, 2006 Golden Gate Park

October 8, 2006 Golden Gate Park
The announcement
We’re going to do an eeeeeasy hike this Sunday. We’re going to Golden Gate Park again in the City. The hike is merely an excuse for us to go see the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass concert in the park (see: http://www.strictlybluegrass.com/). Or maybe the free concert is an excuse for the hike.

We leave here at 9 and plan on parking near 9th Ave and Lincoln way. We’ll meet anyone not driving up with us at the entrance to the arboretum at 9th Ave. Make sure we have your cell number and you have ours, in case we miss you. We’ll start the hike around 10 to 10:15 and wend our way over to the concert area. Possible acts of interest include Richard Thomspon at 4:25 (look for his 1952 Vincent Black Lightning song—it’s fantastic), Emmylou Harris at 5:45, Ricky Skaggs at 2:55, Hazel Dickens at 12:15, and about 6 others. I need to remember to bring my video camera so I can record the guitar and banjo licks.

We’ll have lunch up town, near 9th and Lincoln (probably). We may visit the Japanese Tea Garden, the Rose Garden, The de Young, the Asian Art Museum, the Conservatory of Flowers, the buffalo pen, Stow Lake, or any of a dozen other spots in the park. Be adaptable.

The hike
Last week’s hike at Golden Gate Park during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival was, as advertised, and easy, easy hike. We got to listen to some blues and some blue grass. Marijuana was everywhere, and the second hand smoke was giving some of us the munchies, so we headed out for lunch after the concert. We also took the time to walk around and smell the roses and watch the swing dancers. The weather was perfect, even perfect for non San Francisco. All in all, a great time was had by all.

A few random pictures from the walk through the park
 Mg 0506
 Mg 0520
 Mg 0527
 Mg 0544
 Mg 0559
 Mg 0568
 Mg 0589
 Mg 0597
 Mg 0638

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