February 28, Calero

The announcement

February has been a bitch for us. It’s been raining on weekends, no matter how much we shouted, threatened and cajoled. It has thrown buttheads at us while traveling, grey food to drag down our spirits, and given us no end of excuses for not enjoying our friends and nature. Well, it’s time we kick February in the nuts, thumb our noses at it, and get back to enjoying hiking and our friends.

Now, before you clean your guns and freshen your ammo stores, keep in mind that I at least have been without serious hiking for 3 weeks. So I’m not inclined to just begin with a 14 mile hike over 6 mountains. I have a more modest goal this weekend. I’ve got planned an easy hike, at a fun place, with a chance of wildflowers and stream crossings. And maybe the odd flock of wild turkeys. Yes, I’m talking about Rancho Canada del Oro.

We leave here at 9 and begin the hike around 9:45. This will be a 3 hour hike on mostly open trails, with a stop for lunch at the picnic table in the middle of nowhere. There is some chance we’ll stop for food afterwards as well. I know Grey really wants to go to the Sonoma Chicken Coop, but we’ll probably decide on somewhere else, instead.

I hope Grey is back from Death Valley with tales of brave victories against scorpions and gila monsters. Dave can tell us of how he saved this sight of thousands of children in Thailand. Donna can tell us of how New Jersey is surviving the economic meltdown. Peggy can tell us of her preparations for trekking in Bhutan. Kay can tell us how Peru is faring in hard times. Well, ok, Kay probably won’t be here this weekend.

It’s time to share our stories again. It begins this Saturday.

Unless it rains. If it rains, I’ll think of something to do. Just in case, make sure you know where your bowling shoes are and study the odds of filling each kind of poker hand.

You can thank me on the hike.

The hike

Geesh, I’ve been unable to get out hiking for about a month and do the people in FOMFOK give me a break? No. No, no, no. In fact, new hiker, Laura, had to add insult to injury by going on how she was a beginner, how she wanted to do an easy hike, yada, yada, and then went out to the head of the pack, yelling for us to get our butts up the hills and get moving. Beginners can always put us in our place.

We did get up close and personal with some turkeys this time. In fact, I expected they were going to peck my eyes out before they turned at the last moment and went up the hill (where Laura was hollering at us). We also got a good view of our favorite bobcat. It seems we see it on almost every hike we do at Calero anymore. The trails were rather muddy in places. So muddy, in fact, that horses were banned from the trails.

My photos are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/mwimble/20090228Calero?feat=directlink

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