May 4, 2008 Rancho Canada Del Oro

The hike
Last week we changed the hike as the last minute, as we sometimes do—which is a reminder why you need to send us e-mail to tell us you hope to come on a particular hike, and then always, always call on the morning of the hike to see what’s happening.

Instead of the 9-mile Grant trek, we went to a relatively new, unknown trail that Kathy and I had prehiked earlier in the week. This was a beautiful, tranquil bit of trail with lots of opportunities for flower watching, interacting with horses, inspecting bugs, a long walk along a stream, and a stunning display of California poppies. We’ll consider going back there in the rainy season, and definitely next spring. Where was it? I’m not telling. And we made sure to cover the tire tracks so you can’t find it without our help.

 Mg 6337
 Mg 6416
 Mg 6473

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