July 12, 2008 Loc Lomond

The announcement
This week is one of the relatively rare Saturday hikes. And not only is it a hike, or peramble, but also a paddle and picnic event. Well, probably. Yes, I know you can’t find peramble in the dictionary. Trust me, it means a walk.

We’ll leave here at 9 and arrive at Loc Lomond around 10, assuming the twisty, windy passages, all of which look alike, that lead from Felton to the Loc are open (you had to be there last time to know about this). Assuming we have more than me that wants to kayak, some of us will split off for that, about a 3 hour paddle to the end of the Loc, up two streams and back. The others will go on a hike around one side of the Loc. We’ll all meet up around 1-ish for a pot luck picnic.

Let me know ASAP if you’re interested in kayaking, and if you have your own equipment or not. The forecast calls for about 85 degrees, much less than the hundred degrees of our last adventure there. If there’s not enough interest in kayaking, or if there’s far too much interest and not enough equipment, we may just all hike.

Regardless, plan on a fun picnic after the hike. As usual, bring a dish to share, and your own drinks. We’ll probably bring some various slices of meat and bread and condiments. I may make my potato salad as well. If you want, when you send e-mail to the group that you’re planning on joining, let us know if you have definite plans what you are going to bring. That way we won’t end up having only 16 servings of three bean, jalapeno, salmon, toad and horseradish salad.

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