April 6, 2008 Sunol Regional Wilderness

The announcement
We hope the two new hikers will show up again this week when we go to Sunol, looking for more wildflowers from the upper realms of the park. Maybe Alice will be up for the climb after easily polishing off Grant Ranch, and we hope Donna is finally healthy again. We’ve heard rumors of her returning to emergency care. I hope she remembers that she can call me if she needs her car watered, her plants oiled, or some chicken noodle ice cream. Just no more wrestling with her pet bear.
We leave here at 9 on Sunday and start the hike at the visitor center around 9:45. Plan on 3 to 4 hours of hiking, about 2/3 of which is exposed. We’ll have lunch on the trail. We’ll adjust the hike for those who show up, but I’m kind of thinking of an assault on Flag Hill to start. The last time we did this, we missed the trail intersection and ended up trekking where no hiker had trekked before.
The hike
It was only the steering committee hiking at Sunol, which is a pity. First, the weather was just perfect for that hike. We went up Flag Hill the hard way, the way God intended, so a cool, soothing breeze is just what was called for. The flowers are near their peak. In fact, there is a wildflower event next Saturday at Sunol if some of you want to go up and take a look. We heard perhaps as many as 3 flocks of turkeys, but we didn’t actually see any. And there were several groups of studly males to entertain the females on the hike. Kathy beaned George, the gopher that decided to visit with us. She kept tossing bits of trail mix at him until she finally hit him on his head. That was the last we saw of George.

 Mg 5948
 Mg 5972
 Mg 5991
 Mg 6031

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