July 8, 2007 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

The announcement
I had thought that the aids walk in the City was this Sunday, but it’s next Sunday the 15th. Still, this Sunday we’re going to do Golden Gate Park. I’d hate to miss out on the costumers that we encountered last year, but hiking without 100,000 other people should be more pleasant.

We leave here at 9 and we’ll probably park at Ocean Beach, probably near where Fulton Street intersects, across from the Beach Chalet restaurant and museum. We’ll start the hike around 10. We may lunch at a Russian Restaurant we discovered last year on Balboa. Plan on about 4 hours hiking, possibly a bit more. If we’re really ambitious, we may drive to the zoo afterwards for further adventures.

As usual, look at the web site to see past hikes in the Park to see how they fared.

The hike
It was a quiet hike in San Francisco. Quiet compared to the last few years when we did the hike with thousands of other people who were doing the AIDs walkathon. We started near Stowe Lake and explored the eastern regions of the park. We even explored a few miles of arboretum trails that we probably haven’t been on before. Any trip to the park always involves a game of “I don’t know, where do you want to eat.” This time we gave up the game after less than 2 miles and an hour, submitting to Joanne’s strong suggestion of where to eat.

 Mg 4527

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 Mg 4555
 Mg 4574
 Mg 4580

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