October 20, 2007 FOMFOK Annual Party

The announcement
You are invited to the annual FOMFOK party. The party begins with an optional hike at 9:00 am, followed by a pot-luck picnic around noon. Around one p.m., A bluegrass band, Bean Creek will entertain us with a couple of 45 minute sets. The party will run until 5 p.m. or a bit longer. If you want to listen to the music, you might want to consider bringing some camp/folding chairs as we probably will have to move around to follow the sun—the musicians need to keep their instruments out of the sun.

The hike
If you weren’t at the FOMFOK party, you missed:

* A hike with 3 new people, including a marathon hiker.

* Eating fresh walnuts found along the trail.

* Close encounters with deer.

* A stream crossing involving daintily tripping across wet stones.

* The near dismemberment of yours truly finger.

* A great bluegrass concert.

* Food enough to feed the Spartan army.

* Kathy’s burnt offerings.

* Random visitors joining us for the celebration.

* Archers without their bows.

* A demonstration of the extreme training Donna has given to her dog Reina.

* A great discussion after most people left.

* The friendship you expect from any FOMFOK event.

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