December 2, 2007 Joseph D Grant Ranch

The announcement
This week we leave here at 9 for a hike at Grant Ranch. That means, for you newbies, that you need to call here between 8 and 8:30 on Sunday morning to confirm what you said in e-mail—that you’re coming on the hike. If you don’t call, don’t expect to find us here, or to find us on the trail. About 20% of our hikes change at the last minute, like last week. We went to a completely different place.

Which place? Ah, well, come on this week’s hike and we’ll tell you all about it. We may even tell you about the up close animal encounter Kathy and I had.

And this week’s hike will be a moderate hike up at Grant Ranch. This is an almost totally exposed hike, with little shade. There are many choices we can make for which trail we’ll take, but we plan, at the moment, to take one of the east ridge trails, different than our usual hikes up there. We intend to end the hike at the ranch house that was recently damaged in the last big earthquake, and see if they still plan on letting it fall apart.

One of the choices we’ll offer is about a 3 and a half hour hike, about half way up the mountain. The other trail goes all the way up the mountain and will be over 4 hours long. Plan for either trail. We’ll have lunch on the trail. We’ll be looking for more bones for the deercowpigosaurus being assembled in our atrium.

The hike
Grant Ranch was just the kind of hike I needed—it was, cold, windy, bleak and severe. And it was a hoot. I loved how Reina kept patrolling the group to make sure everyone stayed together. It was also kind of funny when Donna asked if we usually found bones up at Grant Ranch. I said that about half the time we do. “And did you last time?”, she asked. “No”, I said. And about 10 seconds later we found more bones for our deercowpigosaurus.

The history tour at the end was also just what I needed. First the was the hot drinks, which really hit the spot, and some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, and Laura’s great pumpkin bread. Then we learned a whole lot about the Grant family. I wouldn’t change places with them for all the monkeys in the zoo.

Ron has made available a few of his pictures at

 Mg 5398

 Mg 5407

 Mg 5411

 Mg 5412

 Mg 5428

 Mg 5472

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