September 6, 2008 Night Hike

Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 5.3 miles, Climb: 960 feet, Time: 3 hours

The announcement
This Saturday is one of the all time favorite events of FOMFOK—a night hike. Look at our website at for previous night hike events. We leave here just after 5 and we need to all be at the Monte Bello parking lot at 6. We’ll hike to the top of Black Mountain, then over to the Dragon Bones and stop for supper while we watch the sun set. Then we’ll come back the same way in the dark.

This is a moderate hike. Bring a flashlight and, if possible, some red film to rubber band over the lens so we won’t blind each other on the way back. Bring food for supper and, of course, water. Snacks to share won’t go amiss.

Along the way, the docents will educate us about history, flora, fauna, astronomy and whatever else they have to share.

Weather for night hikes typically varies wildly. Plan on hot to start and cold or very cold as a possibility as the night goes on. We’ll be back at the parking lot around 9:30 to 10 PM. The hike is pretty much all exposed. The trails are wide with very little poison oak nearby. Mind, we found a pretty large and pissed-off rattle snake a few weeks ago there.

We often see coyote and deer out there, and sometimes foxes. We might see owls and bats. This is a good photo opportunity. We have quite a gathering of photographers in the club, so let’s share information. Maybe we can try some sky shots after dark.

The hike
Thanks to the ever-generous Midpeninsula Open Space Regional District, we had another fantastic night hike. We’ve had lots of pictures posted already, though mine await post-processing.I managed to do a serious muscle pull when I tried to run back to find my GPS unit, but my leg is pretty much all recovered.

Ron’s photos can be found at

Grey’s are at

Beth’s are at

 Mg 7010
 Mg 7022
 Mg 7025
 Mg 7055
 Mg 7061
 Mg 7070
 Mg 7074
 Mg 7077

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