April 19, 2009 Angel Island

The announcement

We leave here at 9 on Sunday and head across the big, international-orange bridge to Tiburon to take the ferry to Angel Island. We hope to take the 11 AM ferry to the island, and return on the 2:20 or 3:30 ferry (probably the latter). Normally, we have lunch at a restaurant in Tiburon, but if we get the usual number of people showing up, that isn’t going to work. So, for now, plan on eating lunch on the island and taking a longer hike than in years past.

It costs $13.50 for the round trip ferry ride. The hike will be more exposed than covered. Kathy and I may have other plans after the hike, so we may be driving up ourselves. We don’t know yet. But we’ll still lead a caravan, if people want.

Oh, and remember that if you’re carpooling with someone, you should think about contributing to the gas costs.

This is, to me, and upper-end easy to moderate hike.

The hike

We had a big group of “interesting” individuals for Angel Island. I’m not sure if was the altitude, the heat, the fermented, wild googlie berries or just too much time in the sun, but the comments in the photo albums and the ensuing group emails suggest we need to really work on lower elevation hikes in cooler weather, eating only store-bought fruits and try to stay out of the sun so much.

Still, there is much to be said for no one getting lost overboard on the ferry, no one getting bitten by rabid, wild deer and no one getting their foot overrun by rabid, wild Segway-ers. And, according to Leo, we barely missed being savaged by vampire geese.

My pictures are here http://picasaweb.google.com/mwimble/20090419AngelIsland?feat=directlink

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