November 18, 2007 Wine Country

The announcement
From our hardest hike, we’re going to transition to our easiest hike.

This week we leave here at 8 (not 9 as usual) and head towards Napa and Calistoga. The hike will mostly consist of hiking from the car to a winery and back. It’s about a 2 hour drive up to Napa where some of us may go up to the Atlas Mountain, to start, for a quick visit to the pet cemetery. Then it’s up the west side of the valley to visit some of our favorite wineries, and maybe a few we’ve never visited before. We hope to arrive in Calistoga before 1 pm for lunch at the All Seasons Cafe. Bring money and an appetite for some of the best food in the country. After lunch, we’ll stroll around town looking in the funky shops, talk about Molly and Mr. Snuggles, and head down the east side of the valley. There we’ll at least stop at Mumm’s for champagne tasting and stocking up for the upcoming First Hike (Kristen already promised to bring Ho Hos or something similar again).

Plan on getting back around 4 or 5 pm, maybe a bit later. We’d like to not crowd people into cars, so we may need multiple drivers. You should consider donating around $10 to your driver (more or less) to pay for the gas this trip is going to take. If you have a family friendly or GRMS radio, bring it along so we can talk between the cars. We may want to change the passenger mix in the cars after each stop so we can do the usual socializing.

The hike
Normally we get almost no one to come to our easy hikes. But when that easy hike involves wine tasting and great food, we manage to get a few out and about.

Seven of us when to Napa last week and started with a visit to Bubbling Well pet cemetery, with an option walk up Atlas Mountain. The cemetery was fog enshrouded, adding an interesting mood to the adventure. The fog gave us even more opportunity to sneak up to the wild deer, and the alpacas were less spitty than usual. There was an unusual amount of road kill along the way, though.

 Mg 5351

 Mg 5354

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