July 16, 2005 Fall Creek

July 16, 2005 Fall Creek
The announcement

This weekend looks like it will be another hot one. So, we’ll go with the original plan and do Fall Creek in Felton. We had planned on also doing the moonlight train ride as well, but I think we’ll leave this up in the air. It’s rather pricey and we’re not sure if anyone wants to spend all day out and about.

The hike

Fall Creek is always one of the most beautiful places to hike in the Bay Area.

Img 1741
There is, of course, the hiking.

Img 1743
And it’s not a complete adventure without the eating.

Img 1744
This week, we also have water ballet.

Img 1747
While Paul and Eric engage in arm wrestling,

Img 1746
Nahid cheers on the combatants.

Img 1749
But Eric is on a roll. Here he forces Joanne to her knees.

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