February 10, 2008 Uvas Canyon

Wimble Scale: Moderate, Length: 5.6 miles, Climb: 1200 feet, Time: 2.5 hours

The announcement
Last week’s hike was just what I needed. We started with some talk, then discussion of the upcoming election, then a bit of games, a couple of mile walk for lunch, more games and conversation, and then the Super Bowl for a few of us.

I think I’m ready to ramp up my hiking a bit, so it’s back to the usual waterfall hikes. We’re off to Uvas Canyon, which, I think, allows dogs. This is about 5 and a half mils and a thousand feet of climb. I expect I’ll be taking this a bit slowly. We might even do it in the clockwise direction, just to be different.

We leave here at 9 and begin the hike just before 10. I’m hoping to get lunch after the hike in Morgan Hill. The trail is almost totally covered. There are, or at least there should be several spectacular waterfalls along the way. Oh, and I think we’ll avoid some of the trails Tom recently did—especially those involving coming across strangers in hockey masks carrying chain saws.

The hike
We had quite a passel of hikers for Uvas, with great weather and reasonable water flow. Our official cartographer, Ron, clocked the hike at about 5 miles and 1200 feet of climb (as I recall). The only thing missing was another siting of the Giant California Salamander.

Ron’s data can be found HERE.

 Mg 5702
 Mg 5707
 Mg 5730
 Mg 5736

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