January 7, 2006 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

January 7, 2006 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve
The announcement

We’ll be doing a different “first hike” this Saturday, as we lost power on the 1st, and didn’t make it up to the mountain then. We’ll be starting at Monte Bello as before, but we’ll begin with the Nature Trail, and will do an upper-end easy, lower-end moderate hike. And, we’ll also be shooting a film along the way.

Kathy and her co-worker (as opposed to a cow-worker) need to put together a 3-minute file as part of an application to the TV show, The Amazing Race. That we’ll do along the hike.

And, while I have the camera out, think of other opportunities for staring in the next FOMFOK film which we may publish at the end of the year.

Plan on 2 to 3 hours of hiking, about half of which is enclosed and probably fairly muddy at time. There are stream crossings and plenty of opportunities to land on your butt in water, so dress accordingly.

Feel free to bring the usual First Hike snacks to share.

The hike

First Hike last week was a bit different than our traditional. We did have the sharing of the food. We had the sharing of the wine (Kathy brought bottles of champagne). We had the cursing of the darkness (Tom stepped off the trail, fell a bit off a steep embankment and scrapped his leg on a drainage pipe. He cursed well enough that we didn’t need to.). And we added the filming of the adventure. We shot about 30 minutes of video so that Kathy and Monica could make an under three minute video to send in with their application for The Amazing Race. I sent you all the URL to view that video—I hope you enjoyed it.

Click on the image above to watch the movie in a popup window (make sure popup windows aren’t blocked if you don’t see the movie).

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