October 14, 2007 Castle Rock

The announcement
We had a fine hike last Sunday up at Golden Gate Park. The weather was the perfect temperature for the walk, at least until late afternoon where it got a bit cool. We stopped by to hear a few different groups for a bit, but stayed especially for the Dry Branch Fire Squad performance, which did not disappoint. The jokes, storytelling and music were as good as always. We’ve never been to a bad concert by these guys. The closest we got to getting lost anywhere was when we decided to take a couple of “shortcuts” through the park to go between the stages. We felt like we were intruding on a lot of homeless villages along the way. We also managed to get a slight case of the munchies from all the second-hand wacky weed being consumed in the park.

This Sunday, I have an archery tournament, but Kathy will lead the intrepid on a hike of Castle Rock. She leaves here at 9 and the hike will begin around 9:45-ish. I’m encouraging her to come back to the archery range after the hike to be my cheering section for what I hope will be yet another archery trophy for me.

This is a moderate hike. About 2/3 or more is covered. The temperature can vary from cool up at the Rock itself, to toasty on the ridge line, so dress in layers. Plan on a snack on the trail, with a possible lunch afterwards.

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