July 15, 2007 Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve

The announcement
This week we begin the festivities with another of the “free monster cake” birthday parties, celebrating Joanne’s birthday/retirement on Wednesday. Then on Sunday it’s back to Purissima again. We’re hoping for plenty more black raspberries and a much bigger crop of thimbleberries. It’s supposed to be hot again this weekend, and Purissima is a beautiful, cool site to spend an afternoon.

This is a mostly covered, upper-end moderate hike of at least 7 miles. We leave here at 8:30 in hopes of finding a good parking place. The hike should begin about 9:30 or a bit later. As the last time, we’ll congregate with at the Safeway to carpool to the park. There is only room for about 10 cars at the park.

We’ll lunch on the trail, probably at the same log/desk/bench as before. We have the option of hiking in the other direction, or adding in a couple of other trails if we’re especially perky.

The hike

What a difference 2 weeks make. Our first trip to Purissima was cool while the valley was hot. Black raspberries where in abundance over half of the hike. I hardly noticed the long slog to get up the the trail junction.

This week, the valley was cooler, so naturally the hike was hot—so hot that we had to hose ourselves off to prevent heat exhaustion. The black raspberries have totally disappeared. Not just mostly picked, the bushes were bare, even where people hadn’t obviously trod. And the slog to the top was really hard. Still, the rich redwood forest along the creeks on the way down from the top. with the 5 bridge crossings and the foot soaking at the end was worth it all. And there were a lot more thimble berries ripe this time—that was worth the hike by itself. Thimble berries! Yum!

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