October 12, 2008 Fremont Older Space

The announcement
This Sunday I have another archery tournament so Kathy is going to lead the group on a fun but rare hike, the infamous “Death March”. Yes, I know it sounds scary, but it’s not. It’s a one-mile slog to the top of the hill near the Stevens Canyon Reservoir, followed by a long downhill to the spot where we’ll be having the FOMFOK Party. Then it’s in and out, up and down along the fjords of the reservoir back to the car. The Death March moniker comes from, well, if you don’t know the story, ask Kathy.

This is a moderate hike, about 2/3 exposed. Plan on 3 hours or more, so bring water and a snack. Poison oak sometimes encroaches on part of the trail, depending on how well it’s groomed. About a third of the way through the hike, you’ll be within spitting distance of my archery tournament. Think before spitting, though, as you will be spitting at a few dozen people with sharp pointy sticks and the means to throw them at you.

Since it’s Kathy’s hike, she’s leaving at the unspeakable hour of 8:30. For those feeling friendly afterwards, you should wander over to the archery range and cheer on my victory. Do that and I’ll go out to eat lunch with you and catch you up with all that’s happening in my life.

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