March 9, 2008 Castle Rock

The announcement
This Sunday, we’re going to do something far easier, Castle Rock. We want to see the waterfall while there is still plenty of moisture around. Plan on 2.5 to 3 hours, a low-end moderate to moderate hike. We’ll take it at a slow pace. Snack on the trail. About half is covered, and half is exposed.

The hike
Castle Rock was a fun hike, especially with our new hiker, Paul joining us. Dave entertained us with a game of charades where he acted out various wild animals, the women posed for a planned future statue commemorating 8 years of FOMFOK (when that is is still up for debate), and Paul showed us how NOT to climb a large rock.

 Mg 5867
 Mg 5880
 Mg 5883

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