October 15, 2006 Corn Maze at Ardenwood

October 15, 2006 Corn Maze at Ardenwood
The announcement
Let’s do something completely different. Let’s do the corn maze in Fremont at Ardenwood, instead of going this Friday as proposed. Since we want to get there a bit after 6, let’s do a hike at Coyote Hills, just the other side of the Dumbarton bridge. The group has never done this before, though Kathy and I used to mountain bike there all the time. We’ll leave here at 3:30 and begin the hike around 4. We’ll meander through the swamp, going past the archeological dig and getting lost in the reeds. Then we’ll hike up to the top of the hill and down by the slough.

This is an upper end easy hike, maybe moderate if we decide to climb two or three hills. From the park, we’ll go to Ardenwood and then out to dinner.

The hike

 Mg 0696
 Mg 0700
 Mg 0703
 Mg 0707
 Mg 0711
 Mg 0719
 Mg 0720

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