November 29, 2009 Rancho Canada del Oro

The announcement

Tthis week’s hike will be at Rancho Canada del Oro in southern San Jose, nearly to Uvas. The advantage of this place is there are two excellent hike options: an easier option to the “picnic table in the middle of nowhere”, and the harder option up to Ol’ Baldy. I plan on doing the easier option and giving my knees yet another week to heal, but I might change my mind. As you know, we always try to adapt the hike to those that show up.

The hike

For a time, Rancho Canada del Oro was a private hiking place for Kathy and myself. Oh, some knew of the Bald Mountain trail, but it seemed like almost no one knew of the little side trail we took. And it still looks that way. We’re lucky if we see two people when we take this trail, and that was just about what we saw last weekend.

Some of that might have to do with Peggy L. When we arrived, she was roaming around near the parking lot with a big whip in her hand, slashing it back and forth. I think there were maybe 6 carloads of hikers that showed up, saw her with her whip, and just turned around and left again.

Don’t every piss Peggy off. Just so you know.


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