February 3, 2007 Sunol Regional Wilderness

February 3, 2007 Sunol Regional Wilderness
The announcement
This week we’re back to a Saturday hike. We’re going to pre-test the prospects for a good wildflower year by hiking Sunol. We’ll probably go up the McCorkle Trail and around to Little Yosemite and back. This will be a nearly totally exposed hike, about in the middle of the moderate scale. About the same effort as last week’s hike. Of course, we can always make it harder, if that’s what people want. We’ll snack on the trail and go out to lunch afterwards.

Sunol has plenty of interesting vista points, and is usually worth bringing the camera. Hiking poles are good if you have weak knees on the downhill.

The hike
Last week was the first of several hikes we’ll be doing in Sunol over the next few months. It looks like we’re in for a dry start to the season, which I hope will mean that we’ll finally see the great wildflowers up at Grant Ranch that we used to see in March and April. I’ve been bragging for years about how spectacular they used to be, but it’s been years since we saw the really, really lush fields there.

 Mg 1253

 Mg 1255

 Mg 1258

 Mg 1261

 Mg 1274

 Mg 1301

 Mg 1314

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