June 28, 2009 Hidden Villa

The announcement

Kathy cannot join us for the hike this Sunday, and I don’t feel like a long drive, so we’ll do a local favorite again—Hidden Villa, probably a double loop.

And, to maximize the potential for Kathy joining us after the hike, to get a different perspective of the park under different lighting, and to give Donna time to sleep in (yea, let’s blame it on Donna), we’ll be leaving here at (gasp) 10 AM. That’s an hour after 9. Do not show up at my house at 9. If you show up at 9, you’ll be greeted by what I sleep in, and nobody wants to see that. Not even on a bet.

We leave here at 10 and begin the hike around 10:30. This is only about 6 miles if we do a double loop, about 3 if we only do the first part of the hike. The trails are almost totally covered, narrow, with encroaching poison oak likely. If Kevin shows up with no obvious poison oak on him, we’ll shove him to the front of the pack to clear the trail. If he is covered in poison oak, we’ll shove him to the front anyway so that he’ll be able to hear all the snarky remarks we make about him.

We’ll try to drag the hike out to about 1:30 or so, so this will be a leisurely pace. It should be somewhat toasty, so this should be the right pace anyway. And I’m hoping to lunch with Kathy after the hike, so I hope that slow will result in a less smelly Mike than a faster pace might engender. [ Charlie, that’s under ‘E’ in the dictionary. ]

Who is in for a leisurely stroll and poison oak inspection? Maybe we’ll find a few more bones from the secret deer-cache location.

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