May 9, 2009 Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

The announcement

I’m just about fully recovered form a 48-hour bug I had, so it’s back to hiking. Being of lazy mind and mostly sound body, let’s just go and do the Russian Ridge hike. Leave here at 9, hike starts around 9:45. Plan on 2 to 3 hours of hike or a bit more. Lunch on the trail at the “hidden patio in the forest”. Possible excursion for post-hike nibbles. With luck, Peggy will join us and we can begin her debriefing (related to info about here Bhutan hike—get your minds our of the gutter). We’ll expect a full slide show, dance recreations, gossip and such when Peggy has had more time to recover from her trip.

The hike

Ok, let me say right off the back for Grey’s sake that we’re back to Sunday hiking 😉 You got to love picking on Grey.

I hope last week’s Russian RIdge hike was not the last hurrah for wildflowers. The grasses at Grant were high up on the ridge line, and Russian RIdge grasses were even higher. How high? Well, at least 3 of our hikers were out of view most of the time. I had to keep climbing trees to make sure they were still behind me. Maybe this week I’ll bring along some flag poles to duct tape on some of the hikers. You know who you are.

If you were willing to look between the stalks, though, the reward was rather good. Probably the second or third best crop of flowers I’ve seen at Russian Ridge.

Pictures are HERE

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