November 30, 2008 San Francisco

The announcement

This Sunday we’re heading up to the City to meet up with the Snuggles family—Molly and Gary, our representatives from the Oregon chapter of FOMFOK. We leave here at 8:50 SHARP to catch Caltrain in Sunnyvale at 9:14, arriving in the City at 10:36. From there we’ll take some sort of public transport to get to the Ferry building in time to meet up with Molly and Gary around 11:10. From there, we go where our noses take us—either from aerodynamic drag on our noses or from aromatic pull.

Plan on being up there 3 or 4 hours before we drag our overfed, weary, well hugged and kissed bodies back to the train for the return route.

The trails are all wide and well maintained with very little chance of poison oak.

Oh, we are not planning on doing the Segway tour this time, but if any of you want to do it and join us later, feel free. We’ll be going back to the City, either with FOMFOK or not, at least a couple of times yet during the holiday season, so there will be other opportunities for 2-wheeling, tourist scaring adventures.

The hike

So, last week. Gary, Molly, hugs. Donna. More hugs. Did I get a hug from you? Christmas lights. Food. Did I get a hug from you? Coit tower, noisy birds, expensive house, Levi jeans, hot tea, hugs, train ride. Did I get it all? There was the usual game of “I dunno, where do you want to eat”, of course.

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